Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Volcanic Eruption

Monday 12th March.    

WALT-write a narrative story based on our artwork.

It all began in a country called Samoa.There were 3 boys named Kini,Kraven and Kelly.They all loved to go for a long swim in the beach.It felt like paradise to them because they loved to wear lava lava to dances at Church's  and even at home.Every summer they used to have a large picnic , build sand castle and even go for a swim at the beach.
But one hot breeze summer  they went to the beach and they all were swimming  then they heard are shaking noise.It was as noise as a   truck rubbling pass.

,‘Oh no it are volcanic eruption’ They swam as fast as a lion hunting for meat to the shore.The lava went and spreed all over the sea ,It was starting to reach the shore.All the lava from the volcanoe burnt flowers,animals in the forest and lots of different objects.All the people of Samoa was allover the place panicking.

Suddenly the volcano had stop but after are few minutes later people were calm but the lucky thing is that no one died.They had no house no nothing.Kini had an Idea to use the old wood  to build a house.
                                     THE END