Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Hello my name is Etuate.I am 9 years old.I was born in Tonga in 2002.I have short black hair.My eyes shine brightly when I walk outside. I have smooth brown skin like a zebra's skin. My skin is as soft as a feather floating in the air.

I live with my tremendous sisters.I have three sisters and three amazing brothers.I live with my sister,brother and my parents.

I am Tongan and I am very fortunate of my culture . I’m thinking of my culture when they keep me safe .The things that represents our culture are the palm tree,flowers,lava lava,Tongan patterns and Island food.

I love cooking,cleaning up and listening to songs.In school I love to play maths games,reading books at school and writing on our net book.

I enjoy playing with Simon because he is very intelligent and funny ,he is very kind to me.When I grow up I want to be a mechanic because I love to fix things.